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uTorrent for iPhone, First up all we all need to understand what is uTorrent. uTorrent is a software that allows you to share or download videos and files. A torrent file is a responsible for storing metadata used for bit Torrent. Bit Torrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications protocol which is used to distribute data and electronic files over the internet.

Yet, Another uTorrent is a small and powerful Bit Torrent client for Widows that uses torrents to download Movies , TV shows, music, software, etc.

Through an IOS app for uTorrent is almost impossible to get Apple’s approval anytime soon, uTorrent plans to add capability to convert videos and audio to IOS playable formals.However, this functionality will be rolled out to uTorrent in the future as part of a premium version of uTorrent called Utorrent plus.

Functions of uTorrent

uTorrent for iphone

uTorrent is a legal software but downloading copyright materials without the authorization of the owner is illegal. These include files like music, videos, games, etc

uTorrent is a file or a micro-Torrent that helps you, the user download stuff like documents, pictures, videos, or e-books. uTorrent is very very useful when you how to do it.

uTorrent is a proprietary adware BitTorrent client owned and developed by BitTorrent, Inc. With over 150 million users it is the most widely used Bit Torrent client outside china.

To recap , here are the features available exclusively to pro users

Recap  for uTorrent downloader
  1. Stream instantly before downloads complete.
  2. Integrated HD media player and file converter.
  3. Automatic anti-virus protection.
  4. Early access to cutting-edge process.
  5. full customer service.
  6. no ads.

Reduce the time that you want to download the files, documentation, videos, pictures, etc..

This is one of the most p2p platform in the market today. Its main benefit is that all downloads can be managed without having a different server. This will help us time limit the amount of memory that is being used. The end result is that downloads are able to be completed much faster than would be possible as normal circumstances.

uTorrent provides a connect to host of user-friendly controls so that no previous experience will be required. As all files are automatically, opened from a browser, it is no longer necessary and to copy and paste long IP addresses. This was another issue which was tended to plague in the past. Users can completely play, pause or delete a set of downloading files when the neccessary.

uTorrent portable Update Features

uTorrent for iPhone Features

With a uTorrent portable version, you can download files faster contribute by sharing files and bandwidth. Watch are preview torrents they download, without waiting for a download file. uTorrent includes HD media player or convert to play on any mobile devices. uTorrent pro is adding always new features.

If you are looking for the good BitTorrent client, try u Torrent. It has what other BitTorrent clients have, such as scheduling, bandwidth management.

uTorrent portable is the online installer, that will download uTorrent during setup. But , uTorrent potable is used to run from a cloud folder, external drive or local folder without installing into windows. Its ever better with the portableapps, Platform for easy install and automatic updates.

uTorrent is the p2p client par excellence to download uTorrent for free to your computer to be able to enjoy the best.

How to download uTorrent in iPhone?

uTorrent Downloads for latest alpha.

The latest alpha build of popular torrent client uTorrent brings support for mobile devices and gaming consoles.

Download the official uTorrent client for Windows, mac, Android or linux- Utorrent is the #1 Bit Torrent download. Downloading Torrents on IOS without a VPN may lead to your online activities getting tracked by ISP and reported to copyright companies.

It will Downloaded from the internet, manually converted from .dep to .ipa and signed and side loaded to my iphone via cydia impactor. Add uTorrent from the content text menu. Control downloaded/upload speed. And something else, Details reached.

Otherwise, open Safari browser and go to seedr. Create an account, login and then paste the magnet link of the torrent. It will automatically fetch the torrent files for you, then all you to do id download them to your iphone using normal http connection.

Using Magnet link in uTorrent for iPhone

Magnet links uTorrent or  iPhone

How to Download uTorrent for iPhone?

  • Download uTorrent from the official website, or update it to the latest version.
  • Open uTorrent on your device.
  • Click on the Add Torrent from the URL icon, next to the plus sign (+).
  • Then enter the magnet link for the Torrent you want to download.
  • A new Window will appear, called Add new Torrent.
  • Magnet link is legal just as any other link. Magnet link created for the illegal distribution copyrights of content is another matter. The are no law against hosting torrent trackers Torrent hubs/aggregators, or even.
  • uTorrent for iPhone, Magnet links hash their contents. They’re effectively anonymous. There’s no file living on the pirate bay’s server, It’s just a link inside a page, you pass around the link around however and you want and open it using any compatible application.

Here I am explaining an easiest way to download Torrent files without any software, uTorrent, bit Torrent or any such client. You don’t even need any software. Just go to and copy the magnet link of your torrent file.Like this video and give your reviews in comment section.

To Download uTorrent, go to, where you can download the program for free. After it downloads, open the program and clicks “options” and “preferences” on the upper left-side of the screen.

Magnet links are when you download the torrent file directly, you are getting that, torrent file from the web server, when you use a magnet link, the URL you clicked on is passed over to you torrent client. Which uses the DHT P2p network to find other torrent clients with that file and download the .torrent file from them.

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