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Free Fire Hack Intro

Free fire Hack is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10 – minute game , Garena Free Fire is an online multiplayer battle royale game, developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It become the most downloaded mobile game of 2019 , due to its popularity, the game received the award for “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019 , Since it is an action-adventure battle royale game it is also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds.

Free Fire Hack was first launched on November 20, 2018, for Android , whose beta version was released on December 4, 2018 , the game was released for both android an iOS as soon as the game released free fire kissed the sky of success and reached millions of downloads. Garena studios developed garena free fire APK.

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game, a genre where players battle head to head in an arena, gathering weapons and trying to survive. Free Fire mod has been created by third-party developers. All those features have been lockers in the orginal game. With the Free Fire crack version, you can enjoy the game without interruption. Let’s talk a little bit about the gameplay of free fire cracked.

About Game

About Free Fire

Free fire hack are still everywhere even though Garena has been providing more security. In this Garena cracks down on free fire hackers to ensure a fair gaming environment. Garena also gave an official response regarding the recent influx of hackers in the competitive free. The developers of Garena free fire are constantly improving their anti-cheat hacking systems to prevent hacking and making the game fair for the players. The hackers use modified APKs, scripts etc to cheat in the game which gives them an unfair advantage over the enemies. We are going to see about garena free fire hack features in below.

The developers have recently banned a total of 89,600 accounts of free fire permenantly and encouraged the players to keeo reporting more cheating activities to make the environment better. Here is the official announcement made by Free Fire regarding this:

Dear survivors : last week, the Anti – Hack operations Team permanently banned 89,600 accounts caught using prohibited scripts/ modified programs. we strive to maintain a fair gaming environment and secure stable gaming Experience for all players.

Cheaters caught using prohibited scripts/modified programs are handed permanent bans. we also hope to remind all survivors not log in to Free Fire using unlicensed apps. Please reporting Cheaters through the in-game reporting function. Let us blind a better free fire together.

Operation Cutcord phase 1 may have been concluded succesfully, but this is only a beginning. in the near future, we will keep seeking out signs of new hacks, enhancing our anti-hack system, and adapt to new hacks more timely.


  • Auto aim & fire ( aim bot )
  • Unlimited UC and money
  • Unlimited health
  • New mode / map
  • All characters are unlocked
  • No Fog / fog is disabled
  • No Grass / Grass is disabled
  • Aim assistant / your sight will follow the enemy

Similarly , Garena Free Fire Hack APK is also known by millions. There will be very few game players who may not know about this cracked games. Yes, It can be hacked but their are chances that the security team might ban you want to enjoy hacking make it spill proof or download mod apk of the game!


Free Fire Gameplay

This game consists of a team of 50 players. The team that survives at the end. That team becomes the winner. The Team whose one, three or four players survive the game. The same team wins.

Before the game starts , you have to add 4 people to your team. Those 4 people can also be your friends or you can join a team of other people. Your game will be ready as soon as your team is complete. As soon as the game is ready , you will wait till 50 players are completed in the match. After the match has 50 has players , your game will start.

Now you are on the plane and you are flying over the island. you have to see the map and jump where you want to land. you can also follow your teammates to jump. mark your drop location before you jump.

As soon as you click jump, you will start landing. where you want to land , you can land using the button given on the screen. when you stay a short distance from the island, your parachute will open. If you want, you can parachute anytime before landing.


Weapons to Use

Immediately after the jump, you have to find weapons first to save yourself and to kill your enemies. After that, you have to find health kits and medical kits, etc. So hat if you are damaged, you can heal yourself.

You will find healing items and weapons kept in homes. You have to pick up the goods before someone else loots you. The Sooner you are able to collect the stuff. The more you play safe.

Now if you have guns and bullets, then start killing your enemies with your team. If your teamates get knocked while killing enemies.


Free Fire Advantages
  • There is no ad display in this application.
  • There are more stable and may not crash as often as it happen as regular version.
  • Along with unlimited everything, it will also get more features like aimbot , shooting while swimming . You can read th features given below for more information. As I explain everything about Free Fire Mood APK. Features of this game will amaze your mind so you must read them.
  • Everyone is fond of winning new or old players. Airbot is a feature that will never let you more. This will target and shoot your enemy itself. Meaning youu will play completly safe. somene will comw to kill you, you can fire automatically by aiming at someone.
  • In this game, you will get unlimited diamonds and unlimited money which will help you a lot in the game. This is a great feature, after viewing it, you should downloads the Free Fire APK now.
  • But if you are playing with Garena Hack APK then you will not have this problem. Because in this you get Unlimited health. Isn’t this a wonderful feature.

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