Intel core i10 processor


Intel core i10 processor

Intel core i10 processor, The power o 10. New 10th Gen Intel core. The Processors deliver remarkable performance upgrades for improved productively and stunning entertainment, including upto 5.3GHz, Intel WiFi 6, Thunderbolt 3 Technology, 4K HDR, Intelligent system optimization.

Along with the new core i9 processor, Intel is also announcing new 9th Gen Core i5 and i7 models. i7-9700k with eight crores and eight threads, and base 3.6 GHz clock speed (which can be boosted to 4.9 GHz), and the i5-9600k, Which offers six crores and six threads at a base 3.7 GHz speed.

The deca core literally means just that Deca, 10, Weapon 10, etc.. Intel has finally launched its last generation of new desktop chips, known as 10th gen comet Lake-S. Roman numeral ten, Decacore means a processor, which has 10 physical Cpu cores on board a single of silicon.

Intel core is a line of mid-to-high consumer, work station, and enthusiast central prosessing Units (CPU) marked by Intel corporation. Identical or capable Versions of Core processors are also sold as xeon Processors for the server and workstation markets.

Bench Mark of i10 processor

Intel core i10 processor benchmark

A CPU Benchmark is a series of tests designed to measure the performance of a computer of device CPU. A set of standards or baseline measurements are used to compare the performance of different systems, using the same method and Circumstances.

Geekbench, prime95, SuperPi, Cinebench. A program called geekbench is now perhaps the most widely used CPU benchmarking tool, partly thanks to using comparable using across windows, OS X, IOS and Android. And processor Benchmarks, Welcome to the benchmark chart. The data on this chart is Intel cor i10.

Intel 10th Generation comet-lake H processor (Image credit intel) , on the more recent Cinebench R20 Benchmark, i9-10880.

Features of Intel core i10 processor

  • Memory – LPDDR4/x-3733
  • Imaging – IPU4p: 16Mp, 4k30, 4 Cameras, RGB+IR camera
  • Media, Display, Audio – 444 format support for HEVC & VP9, 10 bit Display eDP 1.4b, DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, HW HDR Linear scale & blend, FP16. Outdoor LACE Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (Intel® GNA)

Key Features

key features for Intel core i10 processor

They deliver about even performance on average, so it’s somewhat safe to say that when both CPUs are configured to 15W, Intel’s 10thgen Core i5 performs like an 8th-gen Whiskey Lake Core i7.

  • Stunning Entertainment
  • Build for the AI software for the future.
  • Intelligent Performance.
  • Fast, Flexible, and easy connectivity.
  • powered system featuring the intel Iris.
  • They can even handle 4K video editing and high res photo processing like a pro- fast, While returning high visual quality – previosly a stretch for thin and light devices.
  • Intel’s All-new processor are finally here – paving the way for even more efficient laptops and 2in as 2s, these will be known as core i3, i5, i7, and i9.
  • The new productline comes comes after numerous false start and rumours that Intel has trashed on its work on the redesigned processor altogether.

About intel core i10 Processor :

about Intel core i10 processor

The Microarchitecture the new core chips are based on its codenamed lake promises around an 18 percent increases in performance alongside WiFi-6, support and thunderbolt 3 for fast data transfer, Indeed ice lake will be the first processor to natively integrate thunderbolt, for last data transfer. Intel is introducing a new processor number naming structure with these chips, The core is 1030 G7, for example, left to right, a core i5 from the 10th generation.

However, Intel likes to be confusing and the new names don’t include a reference to whether the chip is from the U or Y series – U are the low power parts, while Y series chips are even lower-power chips for very slim and light devices.

The aforementioned Core i5 1030 G7 (Y-Series) chip is probably the sweet spot in terms of the highest U-Series performance without opting for the expensive Core i7. It also features the top-level G7 graphics. 

There is also on-board Intel Iris Plus graphics based on Intel’s brand new Gen11 graphics platform (more on that shortly). This offers a doubling in encoding speed and faster gaming using on-board graphics.

Intel says you’ll get a doubling in frame rate at 1080p over a system using an 8th generation Core chip from last year. 

Intel adds that the new chips have vastly improved performance for artificial intelligence applications of around 2.5 times. That’s the speed at which the chip can process things such as images for facial recognition.

Graphics in intel core i10 processor

Graphics of Intel  core i10 processor

They’re more powerful, in a couple of words. They promise up to a teraflop of GPU compute power at the high end, so they should enable easier content creation on laptops that don’t have discrete graphics – thin-and-light laptops, in other words. 

Gen11 also supports variable-rate shading – a first for integrated graphics. Again, this means that thinner devices will be better for gaming than previously. The proof, as always, is in the benchmarks. 

Intel has finally brought an architectural update after four years since Skylake with the new Sunny Cove architecture. It’s packing Intel’s Iris Plus graphics based on the Gen11 graphics engine. Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) connectivity have been integrated right into the processor. The U-series and Y-series processors come with up to four cores and eight threads and a TDP of up to 28 W.

Additionally, the company has also introduced a new naming scheme for the family of processors. The top-end SKU in the U-series is called Core i7-1068G7 and it comes with four cores and eight threads with Intel Iris Plus housing 64 execution units or EUs. It has an 8 MB cache and a TDP of 28 W. With a base clock frequency of 2.3 GHz, the processor can hit 4.1 GHz on Turbo Boost.

If you look at the model name, it’s now slightly difficult to know whether it’s a U-series or Y-series processor. So, let’s break it down. For starters, Core i3 comes at the lowest tier with two cores and four threads whereas Core i5 and i7 sport four cores and eight threads. The first two digits ‘10’ depict the generation here that’s the 10th Generation. The third and fourth digits help us to identify the SKU of the processor.

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