OPPO K1 Specs, Features and Price in India

Oppo K1 Price, Specs and Features in India

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 Oppo K1 Price, Specs and Features in India:

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The Oppo K1 series is a great device will be launched in a February month which has a tremendous feature. It has specific features like fingerprint sensors continued with all security features. Oppo K1 series is much better for this price tag. It is built with a full touch-screen in display as same as some previous versions in Oppo brand. Oppo has launched their starting mobiles a few years ago in India. Now it has a separate space in the mobile market, especially in India. The brand Oppo invested a surplus amount of money in various mobile advertisements and they placed their leg with big space in India. Oppo K1 launch is expected by more people and they throw their doubts in various search engines. The series Oppo K1 is set to launch the onscreen display fingerprint lock.

Oppo K1 Specifications:


Oppo K1 Specs in India

Oppo K1 Specs in India

The brand Oppo k1 built with AMOLED display which is better when compared to all other LED displays. It is built with a 6.4-inch display which has the screen resolution of (1080 x 2340 pixels). The screen size is quite large and it may not fit in many pockets. It is very good to watch movies and play games. The mobile is slim and low weight so you can carry it and adopted in your hands. It supports HD+ resolution which will be a treat for users to watch and enjoy videos at the high-quality resolution. The aspect ratio of the Oppo k1 is 19:5:9 with a bezel-less display with water drop notch screen. It has a pixel density 403ppi. These are the Oppo K1 specs in India released for display.

The Oppo K1 Specs in India will be bit large in size where users with small hands will face some difficulties in using the handset. The Display comes with 2.5D curved glass which is protected by gorilla glass. Oppo K1 smartphones listing in flipcart that smartphone with an onscreen display. It also has tagine at the unbelievable price for the Oppo k1 phone.

Oppo K1 Specs in India is wonderful and automatically you will come with the thought of buying it.


Oppo K1 Specs in India is installed with an octa-core processor with two quadcore having different clock speeds of 2.2GHz and 1.8GHz. Commonly the mobiles will come with only a single clock speed but here the oppo offering the boost up of clock speed by separating the cores with four by four i.e two quad-core processors. Even it is built with the Oppo brands color OS. This is provided with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 together to have the great performance. For the graphics purpose, it is built with an Adreno 512 GPU to look after the graphics in the device.  These are the Oppo K1 specs in India released for Processor.

It is the perfect processor when compared to all other mobile processes, where the processor will be ultimate when compared to all other clock speed in the processor.

It has Adreno 512 GPU for playing games it will be fine to play the games perfectly in run time for the users. Even it supports all forms of application with great graphical games.

It is mounted with 4GB RAM to handle the multitasking operations. The RAM Size is bigger than the normal mobiles and it offers the primary disk size as a laptop. Here we can use this to play large games like PUBG, Asphalt 8 and much more without experiencing the delay in performance. You can install nearly 200 apps in your phone and the Oppo K1’s RAM has enough storage to maintain all these apps.  This is the Oppo K1 specs in India released for RAM.


Oppo K1 Specs in India

Oppo K1 Specs in India Internal Storage is large enough to install many apps, play music and movies without the need to go for an external memory card. It has a 64GB of Internal Storage so there is no need to look outside for the purchase of external memory card. If you need more memory then don’t worry Oppo K1 Specs also allows you to add a memory card into it. It supports up to 256GB of External Memory Card which stores up to 200 Movies and more than 100 HD Movies. You can play HD Movie of any size which supports and play without any disturbances.

Oppo K1 with 64GB internal storage where the user can store a lot of files, videos, pictures, and all forms of data within the storage given. If needed users can extend up to 256GB using an external memory card.


Oppo K1 Specs in India

The brand Oppo normally comes with the uncompromised camera quality compared with all other brands. This device Oppo K1 Specs in India has the dual lenses of 16MP+2MP which is tremendous in all lighting conditions accompanied by the LED flash. Oppo K1 is even built with a 2MP secondary sensor. It can capture excellent pictures and front camera with 25MP which will horn the selfie lovers for bright pictures. Even front camera with 25MP will capture with the exact nature of a picture without any brakes in a pixel.

Camera in Oppo K1 Specs in India is with physical F1.7 aperture which is autofocus with image resolution 4616×3414 pixels. It has a CMOS(complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensor. Camera in Oppo k1 has different shooting modes as continuous shooting and high dynamic range mode.

The camera in Oppo K1 Specs in India has features like autofocus, Digital zoom, face deductions and touch to focus.

Oppo K1 Specs in India camera has facilities like Bokeh Effect, Continuous shooting, Exposure compensation, Geo tagging, high dynamic range, touch to focus and white balance presets. It has features like digital zooming.


The brand Oppo K1 Specs in India is built with 3600mah Li-ion battery withstands for the whole day with a single recharge. It might differ according to the user and which is a non-removal battery. The battery is molded, therefore it is not removable. Oppo k1 with 3600mah battery is more promising for the price tagged. It is more recommended and affordable for the users to use the handset userfriendly. The Oppo brand till now has no issues in battery consumption. Even the new oppo K1 continues with the same quality battery life.


According to connections in Oppo K1 Specs in India has covered with all the connectivity features. It comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 featuring the mobile hotspot, Bluetooth etc. It has a dual 4G connection and SIM used here is nano-SIM. Network supported is Indian network in which both the sim slots support 4G Network.  SIMS in slot 1 and slot2 supports 4G, 3G, 2G BANDS. It supports GPRS and edges too.


Oppo K1 Specs in India

Nowadays, every branded phone mainly focuses on security enhancements. The brand Oppo is also having different and high secure policies for the device as well as for the applications. It has options like double tap on the screen to switch the display. App locks for all the applications in the settings. The security options like swipe, pattern, face detection, sensors like fingerprint sensor, accelerator etc.

Price details:

Oppo K1 Specs in India price is expected to be around 17,200 in India and expected to launch in the month of February. The variant is with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM(internal storage) which will spot the users to look after the Oppo K1. All the mobile users in Oppo family. The price for the Oppo K1 is quite higher in price but for the looks and design, the amount is acceptable. It’s expected price is under Rs.18000 by looking at the features of the oppo K1 model.


Oppo k1 is modeled with the curve edges to attract the users and Oppo K1 Specs in India has the full-screen like other recent models in Oppo and  Oppo k1 is with a reasonable price when compared to other models in Oppo like F9Pro. Oppo K1 Specs in India is a model with a Fingerprint sensor in the display, where users can unlock the screen easily and comfortably using fingerprint sensors in a display which is the advanced feature in Oppo k1 m model.

It is built with excellent structure and has designed with three different attracting colors which will attract the surroundings. Also, it is designed with a fingerprint sensor in the display screen. It will be the formal one where the user can unlock the screen is friendly in nature.



The series Oppo K1 Specs in India Series with  Height 158.3 mm, width 75.5 mm and the thickness is 7.4 mm is very good and weight of the phone is 158 grams with an average weight and a phone is yet to release with three different colors like black, blue and red.

The battery in Oppo k1 is with 3600mah Li-ion battery which is enough for the perfect handlers and this phone has 4GB RAM where users can install surplus amount of applications and even users can play more graphics used games without any application error which will be easier and applications runs without any congestion.

General Details:

Oppo is the brand and Oppo K1 Specs in India is the new model yet to launch in the February Six this year and with the operating system Andriod, version8.1(Oreo), therefore users will have an option for the further updates in OS when the updates are necessary for the particulars users. The recently updated operating system is oreo and there is no need for the users to update the same.

Oppo brand has the own custom user interface that runs on the top of the Android OS and has some different and additional features. Oppo K1 Specs in India features are user-friendly one where it has more additional features. The additional features will be a fingerprint sensor for each application. It can be accessed with the users at the time of running application.

Oppo K1 has more predefined applications which are inbuilt with the phone storage and gives some updates for the apps accordingly.

Special features:

Oppo K1 Specs in India

Fingerprint sensor in Oppo K1 specified with the display screen that is the special features added to this new version Oppo K1 Specs in India series. It also has some additional sensor features like light sensor, proximity sensor, gyroscope, and accelerator. The fingerprint sensor will function properly even with the wet fingers. The fingerprint sensor placed on the display will be more effective for the users to unlock. Oppo K1 seems to work 100% accurately and perfectly.

It has an octa-core processor which is a dual processor clock speed. This series mobile runs the large application without any error during the runtime.


Multimedia facilities in Oppo K1 Specs in India have both loudspeakers as well as audio jack where it has enormous sound. It has a high-quality resolution and can run HD+ videos enormously. Even in Oppo K1, it has casting options where users can cast the HD+ videos to smart televisions.


Oppo K1 Specs in India

Overall the Oppo K1 Specs in India is the perfect launch from the oppo series where it has various features and this might be the perfect launch for the specified price tag, therefore, Oppo k1 has covered with all the features this will be the perfect buy for the users in the Oppo series for the reasonable value, whereafter the release there will be the more buys for the series Oppo k1. The Oppo K1 Specs in India is yet to release and the specifications are really wonderful.

Oppo K1 Specs in India has covered all the base for the purchase such as camera quality, fingerprint sensors on the display which was the new feature in the oppo versions at this amount which was affordable and acceptable by the users after the launch of the product.

The brand Oppo k1 has visuals more or like other Oppo K1 Specs in India versions which are slim, large and gorgeous. oppo k1 model which will attract the users to look for. Oppo k1 smartphone will be the perfect buy for the users.

The brand Oppo K1 Specs in India is wonderful and automatically you will come with the thought of buying it. Oppo brand CEO Chen Mingyong announced that Oppo is yet to launch the 5G phones soon. Along with that CEO reveals that smartphone in Oppo k1 is aiming to launch the Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon 855 processor. Oppo K1 is installed with all the google apps where users no need to purchase or download the apps.  Oppo K1 outlooked with the curve edges with a full-screen display, therefore, Oppo K1 should be taken care while using the handset.


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