Samsung AKG Earbuds and Ear Phones

Samsung AKG Earbuds and Ear Phones

Samsung has announced that it has acquired Harman, the company behind over 20 brands including audio companies AKG, JBL, and Harman/Kardon, as well as a suite of connected car technologies. This is the start of Samsung AKG Earbuds.

AKG Acoustics is an acoustics engineering and manufacturing company. It was founded in 1947 by Dr. Rudolf Gorike and Ernest Plass in Vienna, Austria.

Samsung AKG Features

  • Sound. Impedance 32ohm. Frequency Response 20-20kHz. Sensitivity 93.2dB.
  • Control 3 button (play/pause, volume up, down)  Microphone Yes, Packaging Contents Ear tips (S, M, L), Carrying Case.
  • Connectivity. 3.5mm headphone connector Yes. Cable Type Fabric Cable.
  • Cable Length 1.2 m.
  • Colour Burgundy.


Samsung AKG Earbuds and Ear Phones Specs

          The Samsung AKG Earbuds and Earphones Tuned by AKG provide an incredibly clear, authentic-sounding, and balanced output that customers have come to expect. hybrid, canal-type earphones feature a sleek metal finish and tangle-free, fabric cable. Enjoy easy access to a range of your device’s features with the earphones in-line remote.

Comfort In ear

Here’s one thing that’s important – how the earphones feel inside your ear. Here I’ve got nothing but good news – at least for my specific ear canals.

The Samsung AKG earbuds and earphones provide an incredible sound quality isn’t spectacular, the AKG earbuds perform well enough for most day-to-day listening when you just want to pass the time on the train. The earbuds provide the essentials including a tangle-resistant cable, spare ear tips, and ergonomic design.


Samsung AKG Earbuds and Ear PhonesDesign

Uncompromised sound quality, snug-fitting ultra-comfortable ear sleeves, and a portable lightweight design deliver the ultimate.

Indulge in studio-quality design and AKG signature sound that balances smooth multi-dimensional tones with built for comfort.


Samsung AKG Earbuds and Ear Phones Green

Turn down distracting sounds so it’s just young and the music, uninterrupted. Whatever is happening in the room, your headphones will automatically minimize surrounding noise, plus, Ambient Aware technology like talk thru mode knows to drop your music when you start having a conversation in person.

With earphones tuned by AKG with tangle-free, fabric cable. 8mm and 11mm speaker units for clear, balanced sound. Included earbuds that are good enough. They have a long reputation for producing quality audio products.


Samsung AKG Earbuds and Ear Phones quality

 The safe route would have been to release a warm, bass – heavy headphone that would appeal to a Beats, Bose, or sony consumer. Warm signatures are fun, pleasant, and often instantly impressive to the ear. I have owned and loved plenty of different warm headphones over the years.

With these, however, Samsung AKG Earbuds went a different way.

A much different way.

This is hilariously flat and balanced pair of headphones. The mids and highs are nicely crisp, natural, and musical. Bass is accurately rendered, but just a bit back in the mix. The result is something that feels like a brighter, Audio –Technica SR series signature. They’re never quite fatiguing, thank goodness, but with a little more top-end energy they would be. They have enough bass to still be a pleasant listen. They’re detailed enough in the highs to reveal flaws in your recordings/music files.

It’s almost starting at first. They sound exactly the opposite of what you’rd expect. There’s just enough thump to know the bass is there, but that’s it. The real focus is on preserving the detail and clarity of the detail and clarity of the music. The push in the mids and the highs gives these a slightly more open and airy quality than I’d normally expect from IEMs, Which is great.I like the sound here, and bass heads will hate them. They work well across a wide Variety of music genres, but they’ll never pound you in the chest and stomach with bass.

          These are a very nice quality headphone to be included with Samsung galaxy s8. Samsung Earphones corded tuned by AKG (Galaxy S8 ans S8+ inbox replacement).


Samsung AKG Earbuds and Ear Phones Build

The cables don’t detach, sadly. The ear tips use a pretty standard barrel so finding replacements should be easy. Comply foam tips should work without issue here.

Inspite of the long-winded name, the IEMs just say “AKG” on the sides. The cables coming out of the ear phones are standard rubber-coated cables, with an adjustable coupler. After the junction point, the cable is a nice durable-feeling braided tangle free cloth material. The plug end is straight.

AKG is a legacy studio brand with 70 years of experience in audio. The Samsung Earphones Tuned by AKG provide an incredibly clear, authentic – surrounding and balanced output that customers have come to expect, hybrid, canal-type earphones feature a sleek metal finish and tangle-free, fabric cable.

In 2016 it was announced that the AKG Vienna facilities (headquarters, manufacturing, and engineering) would be shut down in 2017, with a transfer of brand headquarters to California, USA. Most current AKG-branded products are made in Harman’s overseas production facilties.

AKG also manufactures a range of high-specification headphones. As well as studio headphones, AKG also manufactures a range of HI-FI headphones and earphones for domestic use. One notable use includes Samsung, their parent company using AKG to “tune” their headphones that come equipped with Samsung’s most recent flagship devices, starting with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the stereo speakers as the Galaxy s9, s9+, s10E, S10+, Note 9, and the note 10 (lightning port connector ).

In 2017, the Y50 model was awarded product of the year for on-ear headphones by What Hi-Fi? Magazine.

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