UV robots for Corona Virus


While spraying disinfectants and chemicals became the need of the hour for the globe to fight against the gigantic monster COVID-19, Singapore based firm developed a UV Robots for Corona Virus which uses Ultra Violet (UV) lamps to disinfect every nook and corner of Hospitals and commercial spaces.

UV robots for Corona Virus
Robots in Commercial Spaces

 It kills the DNA/RNA of the bacteria and virus present on the surface within its vicinity. This smart UV robot saves time and money in repeating the tedious and mundane task of spraying the chemicals again and again in densely populated shopping malls and bus stops. To avoid the harmful short wavelength Ultra violet rays to reach the human eye, UV Robot is installed with a sensor to stop the disinfection process as soon as it detects human in its vicinity. Robots here are act to kills virus, act in fuzzy logic, patroller and assistant.

Kills Virus in Two Minutes

                Currently only one sunburst Ultra Violet Smart Robot is under test runs to assess the capability of robots in handling the spread of the pandemic. This robot has an edge over the manual spraying mechanisms. The UV-C robot rover destroys the Corona Virus within two minutes of its exposure to the Ultra Violet rays.

UV robots for corona virus killing virus
UV robots for disinfection

The heavy and suffocating COVID-19 personal protective Equipment (PPE) worn by the health care workers makes the task all the more difficult. They can be replaced by a simple robot. Therefore, the life of the health care workers is not at stake. Also, the amount spent towards sanitation of the surrounding areas decreases rapidly as no more tonnes of chemicals needs to be purchased and stored in large containers.  The heath care workers employed for the sanitation purposes can be used in other critical areas where human intervention is required. But these robots don’t come in cheaper prices. As the application of robot is this area is novel and not many companies across the globe are focussed in this application, the start-up manufacturing companies are demanding SGD 70,000 per robot.

Targeted Approach through Fuzzy logic

                The rover is intelligently designed using light weight and high strength alloy material. It is capable of hanging to the walls and ceilings and climb stairs with ease. This feature is due to the usage of fuzzy logics: non-Linear control systems with sophisticated mechanical design. Usually, the traditional UV robots are designed to handle cleaning and disinfecting process in the hospitals. However, these cannot be deployed to the commercial spaces where there is a lot more area to be covered. The Robot designed by Swiss company “Rovenso” specifically targets desktops, laptops, mouse and keyboards where there is a higher risk of the presence of COVID-19.

UV robots for corona virus fuzzy logic

This targeted approach analyses the equipment/area to be disinfected and comes up with the duration for which the area needs to be disinfected and intensity of the UV light to achieve 99% efficiency. Though it cannot match the efficiency of the traditional UV-C robots, it significantly reduces the risk of exposure of the human lives to Corona Virus.

Spot, the ROBOT Patroller

                Smart Robots are not only being employed in the disinfecting process, but also in the patrolling parks and traffic areas. Police deployed a yellow smart robot called “spot” for patrolling in the parks of Singapore. It can patrol on all kinds of terrains as well. It identifies the human presence in its radius and calculates the mean distance between them. If it is less than the acceptable distance, it spreads around the message to maintain social distance. Thanks to smart “spot”, social distancing is being monitored in Singapore.

UV robots for corona virus patroller
“SPOT” patrolling in the park

This new use case of robots is fascinating the whole world in its combat against COVID-19 as police personnel need not do the tedious patrolling work as well as they are not exposed to the risk of getting infected due to Corona Virus. This robot can be remotely controlled using mobile app. It also has sensors to identify people in its vicinity and make sure that It doesn’t bump into them.  In addition to its advantages, spot comes with a limitation of not able to detect specific individuals.

ROBO is here to assist you

With the advent of the pandemic, there is a sudden increase in the patients in the hospitals. Owing to this surge in the infectious patients as well as risk of the exposure of the heath care workers to the corona virus, there is a pressing need of intervention of robots into the field of patient care. With people of different ages and problems, it becomes difficult for the doctors and nurses to keep a track on all the patients. Robots are now being employed in Andhra Pradesh, India to give timely medicines to the patients and monitoring their vitals.

Assistant UV robots
ROBOT Checking Vitals

The robot remotely takes the temperature and measures the Blood pressure of the patient removing the risk of exposure of the health care workers to the COVID-19 Virus. It also brings food to the patients in its cart and places on the trays on the patient’s bed. These robots are becoming reliable nurses to the doctors in updating the status of all the patients on a regular basis. The intervention of robots in hospitals is also reducing the human error, which is unpardonable when the life of the patient is at stake.

Assistance instead of Replacement

                Delivery robots are being employed to deliver the blood samples of the suspected persons to the testing laboratories. These robots are helping the hospital staff to handle the sudden surge of the patients infected due to Corona Virus. Through the advent of the virus, the health workers are not being replaced by robots, but they are only getting assistance from them.

Assistance UV robots
ROBOT serving food to patients

Still the doctors are the sole dictators of the patient’s condition and decision maker whether the patient is to be discharged or not. The robots being used to fight the battle against corona virus are not designed from scratch. Instead they are reengineered to suit the specific applications. Supply chain automation market is viewing this an immense opportunity for the advent of robots and automation in the field of medicine and sanitation. These robots will work side by side in combatting against the COVID-19 virus and helps in fast recovery of the entire world from the pandemic.

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